2015 Tabor Adelaide Writing Awards…


Congratulations to all our winning entries and judges’ commendations in this year’s writing competition. Here are the winning names and entries in each category:


1st Prize: Azrael – By Joy Reid (VIC)

2nd Prize: Pandora – By Janeen Samuel (VIC)

Judges’ Commendations

Stefan Dubczuk (WA) – The tea chest

Jade Jones (SA) – Exodus

Parris Heath (QLD) – Where There is Nothing

Kerry Harte (SA) – Refugees Escaping the Family

Damen O’Brien (QLD) – Hope

Ashleigh Mounser (NSW) – Last Week

Ellen Carr (Vic) – Twelve Long Years

Katherine Robinson (ACT) – Adrift


1st Prize: The Aunt Who Had to Go Away For a While – By James Hughes (VIC)

2nd prize Khola’s Infinite Amount of Hope in the Universe – By David Thomas Henry Wright (WA)

Judges’ Commendations

Pauline Cleary (VIC) – The Girl Next Door

Zoe Harland (QLD) – Update

Thea Williams (SA) – Humbug Amnesty

Myra King (SA) – Of Flies and Friends

Janice Williams (VIC) – A New Man

Winning poems and stories (together with judges’ comments) will available to read in the coming days on our Competition Page. Thank you again to all who participated in this year’s Awards, making it such a tremendous success. Thank you also to our competition judges, Valerie Volk, Thom Sullivan, Anne Bartlett and Rosanne Hawke. Keep on writing and we’ll catch you again next year!

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