New from Rosanne Hawke…

image001Congratulations to our esteemed colleague, Dr Rosanne Hawke, whose latest books have recently received critical acclaim!

Rosanne’s new book for younger readers, Kerenza: A New Australian, is the story of a girl’s journey from Cornwall to the wild Australian Mallee in 1911.

Kerenza isn’t sure about leaving her village in Cornwall and taking a steamship to Australia, but she can be brave for her da’s sake. Where he sees a farm, she and her Mama see endless bush and flies and hard work from dawn to dusk. But with new friends and adventures Kerenza might just make it her home.

Scholastic/Omnibus Books, Primary Age. $15.99

From the author: I was inspired by my dad telling me stories about his family pioneering in the Mallee when he was a child, how they cut a track to their block and how he had to wake up at 3 am to get the horses in and feed them before work in the paddocks began.

Cover_KelseySm2New Awards: This week Rosanne novel for younger readers, Kelsey and the Quest of the Porcelain Doll, was recognised as a Notable Book by the children’s Book Council of Australia.

Also her novel, Shahana: Through My Eyes, written for middle readers about children living in the conflict zone of Azad Kashmir, was shortlisted in the Children’s Choice YABBA Awards.


Congratulations Rosanne! It’s a real blessing to have you share your talent and insight as part of our Creative Writing Program!

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