On writing a book…

ladder“You climb a long ladder until you can see over the roof, or over the clouds. You are writing a book. You watch your shod feet step on each round rung, one at a time; you do not hurry and do not rest. Your feet feel the steep ladder’s balance; the long muscles in your thighs check its sway. You climb steadily, doing your job in the dark. When you reach the end, there is nothing more to climb. The sun hits you. The bright wideness surprises you; you had forgotten there was an end. You look back at the ladder’s two feet and the distant grass, astonished.”

A. Dillard – The Writing Life

2 thoughts on “On writing a book…

    • Hi Claire – I think so far as your ladder has an ending (or your legs hold out), then yes, it’ll terminate in the bright sun. But remember bright sunlight can be pretty startling! And there’s always another ladder!

      ‘Can it be done?’ and ‘Can I do it?’ Those are two questions Dillard suggests every writer of a book needs to answer at some point. If you haven’t answered ‘No’ to at least the second question, then just keep treading those rungs! And remember, with God all things are possible.

      James 🙂


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