Study Creative Writing in 2016…

flying pagesAre you interested in studying creative writing in 2016? Got a story to tell but just can’t make a start? Or perhaps you’re looking for the fellowship and motivation that comes from working in community with other creative souls!

No matter what your motivation or level of interest, Tabor Adelaide has a creative writing study option to suit you!

Tabor offers a range of study options in Creative Writing, from Bachelor of Arts, through to Graduate Diploma and Master of Creative Writing level. Each of these fully accredited tertiary courses are available for study full or part-time, on campus or online.

Interested in studying Creative Writing but not after an entire degree? Ask about “auditing” one of our writing subjects. At a fraction of the cost of full tuition study, you’ll get access to full lectures, notes and resources in any of our fully accredited 14 week subjects (available on campus or online), but without the formal assessment requirement. This ‘short course’ option is great way to try your hand, develop a writing routine, establish some useful networks and learn a lot along the way!

Some of our most popular subjects include:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • Creative Writing: Prose Fiction
  • Creative Writing: Poetry
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction
  • Writing for Children
  • Writing for Young Adults

For more information visit or email

To read about our teaching staff, click here!

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